Just a little something I made for john lloyd young❤️😊

Just a little something I made for john lloyd young❤️😊


i kinda wanna start a science experiment to find out the age range of people that love john lloyd young so reblog this if you love john lloyd young and put your age (i’m 16)

I’m 23!!!

this is it. jerseys boys soundtrack, john Lloyd young’s cd on repeat, iced caramel latte, and last minute studying for my praxis 1 exam tomorrow!! wish me luck guys!!!

Tumblr Shout-outs: jersey boys edition

currently studying for my praxis I teaching exam, which is scheduled for Monday morning, and I’m listening to John’s cd ‘My Turn’…so far, so good :)

love this gorgeous, sexy, talented man <3  <3

love this gorgeous, sexy, talented man <3  <3

this song right here. and john Lloyd young’s perfect voice. I think i’m in love <3 <3


I thought I would start a new thread for all us JLY fans. Anyone that wants to contribute, please share your top 5 pics of him and explain why they’re your favorites. They can be any pics, of just him or with other people. So without further ado, here are my choices…

imageI love all of the My…

thank you cbecrad for the inspiration for my latest tumblr post :)

my top 5 john lloyd young pics

so here are my pics for my top 5 john Lloyd young photos. enjoy ladies!!


the role that started his immediate rise to fame, I present as number 5, john Lloyd young as Frankie valli in Broadway’s jersey boys. Look at how perfect he is in this shot <3 simply divine.


as number 4, this is when john Lloyd young guest starred on CBS’s show ‘Vegas’. how cute can he be in this pic? when he makes cute little faces like this, my heart melts <3


my choice for number 3. there are two things that jump out at me in this shot: 1. john’s incredibly sexy and natural smile, and 2. john looks damn sexy wearing a plaid shirt and jeans ;)


my pic for number 2. another one of john’s sexy smile pics. I mean, look at that face. it’s hard NOT to love a handsome man like that ;)

and finally #1:

this is by far my favorite pic of john. everything about it screams sexy..the posture, that look in his eyes (wonder what he’s thinking), just everything is perfect and flawless in this pic <3 don’t u wish u were there with john?

my heart skips a beat anytime I see him smile. He’s perfect, handsome, and charming all at the same time. Perfect guy? I think so <3 <3